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May 23 2018

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Rainbow Candy!


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Compilation of Book Sculptures


May 21 2018

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RetroAhoy: The Secret of Monkey Island

May 19 2018

May 18 2018

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I love this early DS9 cast photo: taken with flash, nobody looking in the same direction, some definitely uncertain a photo was even being taken, looking 100% like a photo your parents took of you before prom

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A group of divers found this single chair at the bottom of the ocean. Upon closer inspection, the chair was the type used in schools so it’s unlikely that it fell off a boat. Nobody truly knows how it got there.

May 11 2018


DM: You come across a dragon

Warlock: I wanna poke it

DM: You wanna… poke it?

Warlock: Yes

DM: …okay. Roll to poke the dragon.

Warlock: *rolls a nat 20*

DM: You poke the dragon exceptionally.


DM: Your dreams are plagued with writhing, slimy tentacles, leaving you feeling immensely disturbed.

Bard (ooc): Can I roll to see if I’m into it? 

DM: Please do not.

May 10 2018



This is so funny both with and without context

I forgot to add the picture

May 07 2018



Made for mildlyanxiousdoe :D 

May 05 2018

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Sun sets behind Mt.Rainier, casting its shadow in the sky.

May 03 2018

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What the-


i fucking hate how real this is

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NEW VIDEO: Let me take you on a culinary journey as I prepare Ramen Noodle Tacos, a recipe by world famous chef Cathy Mitchell.

May 01 2018

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Sketch commission for Stickman of his space pangolin character!
Svet is primarily roguelike in operation, but knows how to get into the fancy places where the good marks are - who are far too polite to mention they can all hear her doing Illegal Activities under the banquet table.

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April 26 2018

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Interlocking Wooden Ball Python Keychains <3

April 25 2018

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Curious Blue Shark


So, humans are not the only creature that likes to perform snoot-boops.

April 22 2018

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This adorable little robot is designed to make sure its photosynthesising passenger is well taken care of. It moves towards brighter light if it needs, or hides in the shade to keep cool. When in the light, it rotates to make sure the plant gets plenty of light. It even likes to play with humans.

Oh, and apparently, it gets antsy when it’s thirsty.

The robot is actually an art project called “Sharing Human Technology with Plants” by a roboticist named Sun Tianqi. It’s made from a modified version of a Vincross HEXA robot, and in his own words, it’s purpose is “to explore the relationship between living beings and robots.”

I don’t care if it’s silly. I want one.

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Redditors design worst volume sliders possible

Some of these are genius! ( see reddit / via )

Well, this post went a bit nuts.

That last one honestly belongs in hell

I hate all of these. The belong in the bad idea place.

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